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  • jdcantu07
1 year ago

Okay everyone! Remember when we were in elementary school and a fight broke out in the playground. The word "Fight"  would signal for Teachers and students to empty the classroom and make a  B-Line to see what was happening. I guess that's what our buddies have for us this week at MasPolitca video . According to their new video we are about to witness a rumble in the school yard this Monday night.


As a chavalito I remember seeing the "Rumble in the Jungle"  with Ali and Foreman.The announcer opened the fight by stating that there was no greater form of sport than a World Heavy Weight Fight. I wonder if that will be the case this Monday night or are we in for just get another cat fight with more posturing.


Get a quick update on where the campaign is at with @MasPolitica latest Campaign Quickie for mid September. We just love what these guys do. Please RT MasPolitica to your Familia y Amigos!

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