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Pinging, Networking Management, and More ...
Pinging, Networking Management, and More ...

HNOnline Colleagues,

Regards from Washington, DC …

Even if you took the extreme position that you had no time in the course of a typical work week to keep in touch with everyone in your network, you should carve out a minimum block of time in order to “ping” your network.

In his best-selling book Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi explains the “Ping Principle.”  At the very least, he claims, you should reach out to members of your network and let them know that you’re thinking about them – and do this on a regular basis.

You can use e-mail, chat, the phone, or any other medium that works for you.

Every so often, we “fall of the radar screen” with certain members of our network.  It’s normal and natural and should not be a cause for any great alarm.  Through “pinging”, however, you can maintain at least minimal contact regularly, enough so that vanishing from someone’s radar screen becomes much less likely.

Don’t forget this, either:  Pinging is good marketing.  Even pinging a small number of people on a regular basis can energize your business or juice up your latest job search efforts.

For others, however, pinging – as a standalone network maintenance activity – is sadly inadequate.

Those who are truly committed to maintaining their network will want to invest time and money in a good “relationship manager”, i.e., software that allows you to track and organize your contacts along with providing reminders of when the next “suggested” contact should be conducted.

Own your career … You can do it!

Keep the Faith and Networking alive,

Rod Colón

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