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Latino parents stress may lead to child obesity
Latino parents stress may lead to child obesity

A study by researchers led by Carmen Isasi, MD, PhD, from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York findings may for the first time suggest Latino parents who feel high levels of stress are twice as likely to have children with obesity as well. The  data from the Study of Latino Youth (SOL Youth), was funded by the National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of NIH, to determine the relationship between parental stress and child weight status in the Latino population.

According to the results  obesity and chronic stress were both prevalent among this Latino population, with more than one-quarter (28%) of children ages 8-16 with obesity, and nearly one-third (29%) of their parents reporting high levels of stress, This study is among the first of its kind to show that parental stress is a risk factor for childhood obesity among Latinos, and adds to the understanding of family influences on child weight status.

 A large community-based cohort study of Latino individuals living in the Bronx (New York City), Chicago, Miami and San Diego were used in this study.

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