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Bond Be Gone
Bond Be Gone

An Obituary

He had been with me longer than I ever expected. With him I shared so many indescribably incredible experiences. No one has ever helped me conquer my fears the way he has. I had never bonded this way before with any other car. And today I see him parked close to the window where I sit, in this dealer's lot, absolutely unaware that it is probable that we will say our final goodbyes. 

  Baby Blue. I wrote about him. I Googled him. I talked to him. Chastised him. Thanked him endlessly. Loved and babied him.   Throughout the 190,000 miles in eight years, I have been his mom. He has been a companion like no other, faithful and trustworthy.  He opened up a world I never thought of exploring until he came into my life.


Together we did four cross-countries and countless other long distance trips.  They say travel is the ultimate relationship test. Well, we passed with flying colors. From the start, he was completely mine. Mother and child, I learning to ride through this journey called life, he the conduit from which I did.   Friends learned that he was a boy, that he had a name. He was talked about and asked about.

And there he is, my beloved Toyota Prius, sticking out like a sore thumb in a lot of shiny cohorts. I, feeling like a traitor considering replacing him.

The day goes on in a fog. No car I drive is good enough, and I drive numerous ones.

Salesperson and I have shared stories, but are getting tired of each other. By my side a wonderful friend, to whom I have to thank for being here at all, is enduring marvelously. Salesperson is trying to read my face every time I climb into the driver's seat. I, stealing glances at my baby as I drive by, can't warm up to any. Finally, 7 hours in he points at a new silver Toyota Prius. How about that one? I just want to drive home with Baby Blue but reluctantly go into this one. I wish I could say that I fell in love. I did not, but this was an option I was willing to consider.

Once the papers are signed, I am given an orientation on the new kid. They bring Baby Blue close by so I can transfer everything into the new car. The steps I take to do so aren't slow enough. There's a finality in them that I do not want to face. The heavy feeling in my heart weighs me down. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and thanking him, I very slowly start the process of freeing him of my stuff. The salesperson asks if I am going to cry and on cue the tears fall. 

I get two hugs. It's going to be all right. Yes it will, but right now all I want to do is run to Baby Blue and plead for forgiveness. I console myself knowing that Baby Blue will live on in my writings and in my heart. We created so many memories together. I wanted to write a letter to his new mom and pop but they tell me he is going to Mexico. It seems right.

I let go and turn to the new member of the family.  Now I have to name him. Suggestions?  


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  1. alcarlos 

    How about the name, El- Car- Los?